Stop Apologizing For Laughing Too Much: 4 Ways Laughing More Leads To A Better Life


There was a moment in my life when I did the unthinkable. I was sitting in the front row of my late uncle’s funeral service. Somebody was up at the podium, delivering a tear-stained speech, and I was sitting there, listening. But I was also thinking about a time I had spent with him, a hilarious moment where we had both gotten belly aches from laughing too hard.

So I did the unthinkable, one of the most horrific social taboos at a funeral: I laughed.

A bubbling giggle erupted from within, and I laughed in the middle of a very sad speech. I clapped my hands over my mouth, and was relieved when I realized only one person had noticed. This marked the beginning of my never-ending struggle with laughing “too much.” I can’t count the number of times somebody has commented on the fact I laugh too much.

Too much? Is there such a thing as laughing too much?

I made people feel like comedians because I laughed at nearly everything they said. I made people slightly uncomfortable when they noticed me laughing at inappropriate times. These comments used to make me embarrassed, and I would practice containing my laughter at every opportunity.

As a young woman who has come to learn who she is, what drives her forward and what she wants out of life, I no longer repress my laughter. I laugh at the best of times and even at the worst of times.

But I refuse to apologize for it. I would much rather spend my days bursting with laughter.

1. Laughter is good for your health.

Patty Wooten, RN, wrote about the many benefits of laughter in her article, “Humor An Antidote For Stress.”

Thanks to a natural decrease in stress hormones and an increase in blood flow, you will simultaneously be protecting your body from heart problems when you laugh.

You will also generally strengthen your body’s immune system. This will decrease your chances of infections and disease, and will keep your vitality strong.

The simple act of laughing releases endorphins into the brain, making you naturally feel good, and who doesn’t want to feel good? People go to great lengths to release these natural feel-good chemicals. But if you’re not the type of person to run for an hour, start laughing more, and you’ll begin to notice yourself having a happier, more content disposition in your daily life.

2. Laughter strengthens your relationships.

Don’t be the person radiating the negative energy that comes with stress. Instead, start focusing on radiating laughter and positivity, which are the two things that draw people in.

Incorporating more laughter into your life can increase and strengthen the quality of all your relationships, from romantic to professional. This, in turn, will increase the quality of your time in all aspects of your life.

3. Laughter shifts your perspective.

Being able to laugh about almost anything will ultimately begin to shift your perspective. Noticing things with a lighter view will help to keep you from feeling overwhelmed by the tasks you need to do. It will also stop you from taking minor setbacks so seriously.

Laughter broadens the mind and decreases the narrow-minded views that focus on the negativity of a situation, rather than the silver lining. Aren’t we all a little bit jealous of the people who can just go with the flow? Don’t we always wonder how those people can just take a pitfall and turn it into a positive?

Well, it has a lot to do with relaxation. A good, belly-aching laugh instantly relaxes the whole body and relieves built-up stress and tension. Having a relaxed body, mind and outlook will help you take on life with a brighter, more positive and relaxed perspective.

4. Laughter makes you more attractive.

Sociology backs me up on this one. People who smile and laugh often are more attractive than people who are unhappy or angry. Cut down your mirror time, skip the heavy face of makeup and start showing off your pearly whites.

Humor also has a tendency to ease the tension or awkwardness in a situation. So, if you’re on a first date, don’t be afraid to crack a joke. It’s all about people being drawn in to those who inspire, motivate and make them laugh.


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What Do You Desire?

Better to have a short life that is full of what
you like doing than a long life spent in a miserable way
-Alan Watts

There is a brilliant video floating around the internet. I had seen it a while ago and then forgot about it until I came across it again. I feel that it being the new year and all that it would be a good time for everyone to watch it, whether you have before or have never even heard of it. This video is narrated by philosopher Alan Watts and I really do suggest that everybody listens to the message in this video. I love it so I wanted to share it with all of you as well.

Most of us get caught up in this really busy, individualistic lifestyle where we forget about the connections that need to be made. Whether those connections are to other people, yes, even the ones you race past on the street, or whether those connections are to activities or passions. We often times forget about the importance of connection and passion and end up rushing from one hour to the next until the entire week is over and you haven’t accomplished anything but get to school or work on time. Life is about more than university. It is about more than work. In North American culture it is all about money. We focus on what will get us ahead, whether we enjoy that path or not. We focus on the time that we think we don’t have rather than the moments that are timeless. We grow up and we forget about our dreams of being singers, firefighters, novelists, athletes and world travelers.

You should be working to live, not living simply to work. However, if you find what you love and discover what you are passionate about, you can choose to make that your career and your life. Money certainly can get you things but it can never get you happiness. Happiness is solely in the connections that we make in our lives. Connections to others, to our pets, our dreams, our faith, activities, nature. Connections are all around us, waiting to be made.

Hope you enjoy the video.

If money was no object for you, what would you do? I would travel the world, be by the ocean, and ride horses every day.

Sunday Snapshot: John Lennon Wall

This week’s Sunday Snapshot is a photo taken of the John Lennon Wall. Located in Prague, this wall has been painted on since the 1980’s. If you take some time to explore the wall, I’m sure you will be inspired. The wall is covered in lyrics from Beatles’ songs and notions about love, peace and happiness. The wall is constantly changing and the graffiti continues to be allowed on the wall. I’m fascinated by graffiti art and I think that the history of the wall and the whole concept of it is beautiful.

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