Travel Inspiration: Wanderlust: A Love Affair with Five Continents by Elisabeth Eaves


Elisabeth Eaves takes her readers on a ride through her personal accounts of travel, love and growth. What begins as a trip overseas with her high school classmates transforms into an insatiable urge to see the world, get lost in new places and make connections with new people. As she makes her way  from one city to the next, we learn about her highs and lows, her thoughts and ambitions, and feel connected as she takes us through the string of men who capture her heart. She struggles to realize who she truly is as she can feel herself changing ever so slightly with every new person she meets and every new city that she visits. Below are two beautiful quotes that I pulled from the book:

“There are lives—so many—that I hadn’t experimented with. What if I was meant to be
an aid worker, a dive instructor, a spy? What if I was meant to be a writer in New York?
And forget even what I was meant to be. What would it feel like to just wander the world,
free of all responsibility, knowing I could stand on my own two feet?


“We carried bottled water and day packs and cameras, except for Fred,
who said he didn’t believe in taking photographs; he planned to store
his memories in his head, an idea I found incomprehensibly radical.
My impulse to record was almost on par with my impulse to travel”

I’ve read this book at least four times already and each time it makes me yearn for farther places and makes me wonder what I really want to be doing with my life. If you haven’t, I suggest picking it up! It makes for a great summer read or a great book to read while on your own adventure around the world.