Walking In a Winter Wonderland

Magic has arrived in Edmonton, where Hawrelak Park has been transformed into a scene straight out of Disney’s Frozen. Our very own ice castle has appeared, bringing even the most avid winter hibernators out into the wild. Icicles form an enchanting archway as you step into the castle, welcomed by the instrumental sounds of the Frozen theme song. People eagerly wait for their chance at sliding down the ice slide or to take a seat on the ice throne while the rest of us wander in and out of the paths, tall walls of ice on either side.

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Everywhere you look is another mind blowing display of artistry – hundreds upon hundreds of hand-crafted icicles put together to form the entire castle.

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Don’t forget to dress warm – it is an ice castle after all. Luckily, there’s a little spot for you to warm up your hands.

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… before exploring some more!

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I am SO happy that I turned around after walking out of the castle or else I might have missed this heart that had been carved into the ice.

If you’re in the area or ever have an opportunity to visit an ice castle, I highly recommend it! In the daytime, the ice, snow and winter sky creates a white on white on white appearance that is beautiful. But when darkness hits, the ice castle is flooded in beautiful lights – so a visit in the evening would be just as magical.



A Christmas Wonderland.

We continued to drive down the stretch of country road, the night engulfed in darkness apart from our headlights. As we went along, we turned a corner and there it was. The beginning of one of the biggest displays of Christmas cheer I had ever seen.

Every year for the past ten years, thousands of twinkling lights are set up on an acreage in Leduc, AB from the efforts of one family. What started out as something just for the family has grown into a popular activity for the entire community of Leduc and surrounding cities. Free of charge, guests are asked only to bring a non-perishable food donation for the Food Bank. If you’re feeling generous this Christmas, cash donation are also accepted.




People young and old gather at the acreage and begin their walk along a snowy path lined with Christmas lights that make their way throughout the five acre plot of land. From hundreds of glowing Christmas trees to reindeer, snowmen, and even Santa himself, this spectacle is a great event for all ages. If you are traveling through Alberta or in the area, I would highly recommend taking a quick trip out to see the display. This Christmas season is quickly coming to an end, but the display will be running until January 4th, 2014, with the lights going on at 4pm each day. If you miss it this season, it is expected to run again for it’s eleventh year in a row starting December 1st, 2014.








So, how do you get there? The Christmas display is located in Leduc County at the intersection of Range Road 260 and Township Road 492. Drive West from Leduc on Highway 39, left on Range Road 260. Drive along for a little while and turn left again onto Township Road 492. This place is impossible to miss, just keep an eye out for the lights!

Sunday Snapshot: Alberta Winter


I’m a summer girl, always have been and always will be, but there is something to be said about a Canadian winter. One day everything is green and the next day there is snow up to your knees. One of my favorite things about winter is when the trees, rid of their leaves, are dusted in snow. On particularly cold and icy days, the trees will frost over and look like they do in this photo and the world transforms into a winter wonderland.

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