What It Means To Be A Canadian Traveler: An Interview with Candice Walsh

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What is your name and where are you from?

I’m Candice from St. John’s, Newfoundland. No need for last names. I’m the only one.

Do you have a blog? Tell me a bit about it.

CandiceDoestheWorld.com is a personal travel blog recounting my stories from the road. I’m a magnet for weird/ridiculous events, so I try to keep things as humorous as possible.

What does being a Canadian traveler mean to you?

It tends to mean we’re well liked and welcomed by pretty much everyone in the world. Although I’ll never forget that dude from Vancouver who made fun of me for being a Newfoundlander. (Don’t say Newfie. Don’t. Say. It.)

Saving baby puffins
Saving baby puffins :)

What got you started in your traveling endeavors?

I did a six-week study program in Harlow, England. I wanted to travel, no one could afford to travel with me, and so I took matters into my own hands. I did a Folklore/Geography program, which was a giant waste of time. I never want to see another cathedral in my LIFE. But it was totally worth it.

Do you think you are more likely to be helped or treated better because you are a Canadian?

I’ve had people assume I’m American and they certainly didn’t treat me any differently. If you’re getting treated poorly in a foreign country, it’s probably not because you’re American. You might just be an asshole.

What are the two most common stereotypes you have heard other travelers say about Canadians?

We must live in the Arctic and we say “eh” all the time. Most of the time they’re right, but I just hate when people bring them up. What kind of conversation is that?

Lobster riding
Lobster riding!

Why do you think so many Canadians travel the world?

The concept of borders is entertaining for us. You can travel through a handful of European countries in one day, but it takes over a week to get through Canada.

For travelers coming to Canada, what is your favorite spot?

I genuinely feel like Newfoundland is the most underrated part of Canada, and the West Coast (especially Gros Morne National Park) is the place to go if you want to wrap yourself in nature and meet hospitable locals that won’t push tacky tourism crap at you.
But Montreal is my favourite city, and Banff continues to blow my mind. It’s worth seeing it all, really.

Do you have any tips or advice to other Canadians traveling abroad?

Don’t wear that stupid Canadian flag on your gear. Really, you want to stand out MORE as a tourist? By the way, I’m totally guilty of this.

Candice representing
Candice representing.


About Candice: Candice Walsh is a Contributing Editor at Matador Network and the Lead Writing Faculty at MatadorU. With a degree in English and Professional Writing, her writing has also been featured in various East Coast Canadian publications like SOAR, ahoy!, Marine Atlantic Onboard Magazine, and the Newfoundland Quarterly. Check her blog, Candice Does The World.

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